The HoMedics HealthStation glass body fat scale is utilized to determine your body weight. It utilizes the Biometrical Impedance Analysis to determine your body fat. By means of the Biometrical Impedance Analysis, the weighing machine transmits a secure jerk of electricity in your body and fairly calculates your body’s impedance fat measurement as well as the magnitude of your muscle. Learn how to use one of the body fat scales gaining a name for itself.

Tip #1: Learn the pre-setup of the weighing machine.

Put in three triple ‘A’ alkaline batteries in the weighing machine’s battery section situated at the back of the unit. You can choose the type of unit of measurement such as pounds, stones or kilograms/centimeters from the Unit of Measure found at the back of the weighing machine then turn it on. Get rid of the stationary stick marker on the LCD display, if there is any, so that you can view the figures that will be shown during the measurement.

Tip #2: Setup the machine on the floor.

Put the weighing machine on a solid but flat surface so that it can function precisely during the preliminary setup because if you are not going to do so, you might encounter problems later on. Stride slightly on the weighing machine and stride down and wait a few seconds for the weighing machine to switch off mechanically. After this, your gadget is already all set to interpret the magnitude of your heaviness.

Tip #3: Setup the machine to take body measurements.

Push the on/off button on the machine and regulate the user number utilizing the right and left arrow buttons before pressing the set button. As soon as you set it already, you have to make use of the 20 seconds allowed to key-in your personal data for every other setup pace before the weighing machine switches off automatically. Push the left and right arrow buttons to key-in your height before pressing the set button to go on. Key-in your age as well by utilizing the left and right arrow buttons then push the set button again.

Tip #4: Key-in important figures asked by the machine.

Choose your sexual category by utilizing the left and right arrow once more before pushing the set button. Push the right and left arrow buttons to choose normal settings if your age is between 10-85 years and you only workout less. Choose athlete settings if your age ranges from 15-85 but you exercise constantly. The LCD display will automatically shut off as soon as you already keyed-in all the information required. You can do the procedure again if you are going to add extra members.

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Using the HoMedics HealthStation glass body fat scale might be a little bit complicated during the initial use. As you go along and if you had set it up correctly, you will find it easier to use. It just involves a matter of setting up the machine before you key-in the information it needs to help you calculate body fat.