It’s More Than Just a Bed

To many people, a bed is just a place to collapse on when you get home. But really, it’s more than just that. Why not create a little retreat in your room and make the center of it your bed?

Heck, if you spend a third of your life in your bed, why shouldn’t you make it look spectacular? And there’s nothing very special you need to do to it, either. All you need are a few reminders that the bed is a sacred spot, and one that you should pay attention to more often.

Your Bed Should Reflect You

Have you noticed that while some people have a perfectly made-up bed, they would rather go take a nap in the couch in the living room? The problem here is, the bed is just not comfortable for them. Making it look more homey and less like a magazine display may be just as simple as changing the queen bedspread with a new one.

Many people go by the notion that one thing belongs with another and should never, ever be changed, period. For example, lots of people pass up a chance to buy a beautiful queen bedspread just because it’s a queen size and their bed is a double. In fact, it’s the perfect excuse to change the look of the room completely.

Some Looks to Try Out
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The queen bedspread will actually drape quite lushly over the double bed and may even pool over the floor. If the fabric is a luxurious one, like a silky damask or chintz, then it will give the room a very decadent look, quite like having silky drapes pool over the floor and somehow seem more like a caress than fabric that simply hangs there and does nothing.

If it’s something that you would be interested in, why not raise your bed to just allow the bedspread to graze the floor? A higher bed would give you extra storage space underneath but would also allow you to create a more romantic, old-fashioned look in the room.

To complete the look of the room, pile lacy or flower covered pillows in many sizes over the bed. Why not add a small sachet of potpourri right at the top? All it takes is a little imagination and a will to see things differently from what they are at the moment.