If you love to work in your garage you may find that the coldest months of the year can really be hard to be there and actually work without freezing to death, making the appearance of electric garage heaters a very logical and looked for solution.

These heaters will ensure that the garage you work on will keep warm and comfortable and allow you to work for the whole year without, spending a whole lot of money on it.

The main issue with most space heaters is that the running costs in a single year are almost twice as much as the cost of the device itself, making them really expensive to get and use.

With the top heaters; however, this is not a problem and you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant and warm place without having to sacrifice on what really matters.

Are Electric Garage Heaters Powerful Enough?

The answer to this question is a very simple yes. In fact, you probably won’t have it running full power for the whole time because of the heat they are capable of producing. And the best thing is that you’ll be able to get all that power without spending a whole lot of money.

You’re probably already familiar with the BTU measurement system, which is a way of measuring the heat it is produced in a certain period of time. With the technological advancements, it’s not possible to get more BTUs out of the same amount of electricity. This means that to heat up your whole garage you won’t need to spend as much as you would years ago.

While the difference isn’t always noticeable, you’ll be surprised with just how big it is. A simple comparison with the models that are being produced these days and the models that were being produced before are enough for you to be able to tell the difference.

But what about the price? Did they increase the price on the models with all the technological advancements? Will I have to spend twice as much money as I would if I bought it a few years ago?

The Price of Electric Garage Heaters

Even though there’s the myth that the cost of an electric garage heaters is higher than what most people would be able to pay for them, the truth is that the price has been decreasing over the years.

These days, it’s possible to get a full blown unit that works amazingly well for less than $300, which wouldn’t be possible just a couple of years before.

It’s a great time to get one as well, with the advancements being fairly recent and the technology being cheaper to produce.

It was never cheaper to get a high quality unit, and it was never cheaper to guarantee heating for such low price. Overall, if you’re able to spend some money in them, you’ll quickly notice that it’s money well spent and you’ll not regret it.

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