Lets take a look at how Express VPN reviews!

I have used an assortment of VPNs on my quest to find the best provider. Today lets talk about how Express VPN reviews.  While I am spoiling the surprise, I would like to say that ExpressVPN is the best VPN I have found to date, and the only VPN that works with Netflix now!  This best overall rating comes as a result of reviewing many different features. These features include speed, safety, functionality, server options, streaming and torrent options and customer support.

What are ExpressVPN’s server speeds?

ExpressVPN has over 1000 servers in 136 locations across 87 countries. As a result, there should be a server fairly close to your location.  However, you always have the option to change servers. With ExpressVPN’s speed test you can optimize your connection by testing which server provides the best connection before committing to a given connection. This does take a few minutes but the end result is the fastest connection possible.

Alternatively, you can connect to a suggested server chosen for you without running a speed test. This recommendation is based on your proximity to the server, the server usage and server speed. In the end, this allows ExpressVPN to deliver one of the fastest internet speeds of all VPNs, while providing unlimited bandwidth. I typically average 9Mbps while connected. However, this connection speed can vary based on the number of people connected to the servers I typically use.  My internet speed before connecting range anywhere from 50Mbps to 100Mbps.  The reduction in speed comes as a result of the data you are sending and receiving being encrypted before being transmitted.  However, with lower internet speeds this reduction in speed will not be as drastic when connecting to the VPN.  Typically, you need a connection of roughly 3Mbps to 5Mbps to stream standard definition content and above 5Mbps for HD content.

So can I stream movies and TV shows with ExpressVPN?

Yes, you can definitely stream movies and TV shows with ExpressVPN!  As long as you reside somewhere even remotely close to one of the 136 VPN servers, there should be no issue with lagging. If you do have problems with lag due to a slow connection, you have the option to use a video streaming optimized connection. This will improve your streaming speeds, but will not provide the additional safety of encrypted data. Thus, you are now using a proxy connection instead.

So ExpressVPN works with Netflix?

As mentioned previously, EXPRESSVPN IS NOW THE ONLY VPN THAT WORKS WITH NETFLIX. However, not all of their servers have this capability. If the server you are connected to will not allow a connection to geoblocked Netflix, simply contact live customer support for current server options. Please note, ExpressVPN can also access Facebook, Hulu, and Youtube from foreign countries.

How is ExpressVPN live chat and support?

I have used ExpressVPN live chat and support on a few occasions. I have found them to be very quick to respond. They were also very helpful. If live chat are not able to answer your questions, they will give you an email address for someone who can. Email responses are also very prompt and informative.

Is ExpressVPN the fastest VPN for torrenting?

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Overall, ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN for torrenting, while maintaining the security required to stay safe.  No log files are recorded from your P2P activities. This is a big deal because the recording of logs will leave a trail of evidence behind if the MPAA decides to make an example of you. With ExpressVPN, even a court order would not result in log data being surrendered, because no logs exist. This is a largely under rated feature of a VPN that is consistently overlooked by consumers.

Is Express VPN safe?

If a safe internet connect is your main concern, ExpressVPN provides OpenVPN with UDP. This is the new standard in safety and stability. Although TCP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and PPTP protocols are also available, sticking with UDP is your best option. Additionally, Express VPN uses AES-256 bit encryption. This provides the same security used by the United States Military and NASA. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me! Rest assured that no one will be intercepting your data!

How much does Express VPN cost?

Express VPN cost per month depends on which plan you decide to purchase. They are currently running a sale on yearly memberships where you get 35 percent off the standard yearly rate. As you can see below the rates are $12.95USD /month for a one month subscription, $9.99USD/month for a 6 month subscription, and $8.32USD/month for a 12 month subscription.

Is there an Express VPN discount code?

ExpressVPN does not provide discount codes. Instead they opt to run sales from time to time. As seen by the current sale on yearly subscriptions. Some websites like to advertise Express VPN discount codes, however all they are really advertising is that Express VPN is currently having a sale. Which the average buyer could have easily found themselves by visiting ExpressVPN.

These prices are definitely on the high end of the price range when compared to other VPN services. However, ExpressVPN also offers you the most value from a service stand point. This is why I would recommend the yearly subscription. Not only will you pay the average price of other VPN services, but you will be using the best VPN provider available! I should also mention that your purchase comes with a 30 money back guarantee.  This is a no questions asked , hassle free money back guarantee.  This creates a no risk situation if you are not sure if a VPN is right for you.

Is there an Express VPN app?

At the risk of using Apple’s trademarked slogan “There’s an app for that”, I’ll simply say “ Yes there definitely is an ExpressVPN app”! There are apps for basically every device you could possibly want to use a VPN with. These include Windows, Android, Mac, Iphone, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, and Routers.

Will ExpressVPN work with Apple TV, Roku, and Streaming Sticks? Will ExpressVPN work with PS4 and Xbox one?

If you are using a non-android based TV box and want to run it with ExpressVPN, then having router capabilities is extremely important. All streaming sticks such as Amazon Fire TV and media streamers such as Apple TV and Roku require a VPN router to work. The same can be said about gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox one. A VPN router will protect you while connecting with these devices. Many VPN providers do not provide router capabilities. This leaves a vulnerability for hackers to gain access to your home network through your streaming or gaming device. However, Android TV boxes running KitKat, Lolipop, or Marshmellow operating systems can download the ExpressVPN app. This allows you to run the VPN locally on your media streamer without the need for a VPN router.

How can I use ExpressVPN to it’s full potential?  Check out this video outlining how ExpressVPN can benefit you!

Is ExpressVPN the best choice for me?

So, is ExpressVPN the best choice? I would have to say yes. ExpressVPN provides superior service in all areas. They can provide fast internet speeds driven by servers in 87 countries. Their speeds are complimented by accessibility from just about any device you may be using. Up to three devices can be used simultaneously. ExpressVPN can be used on computers, TV boxes, phones, gaming systems and routers. They are also the only VPN that I know of that still supports geoblocked Netflix content. You can also torrent movies and TV shows while maintaining a safe and secure connection. This is all accomplished while not needing to worry about threatening emails from your ISP or threatening letters from the MPAA. Additionally, ExpressVPN provides excellent protection from hackers through the use of AES-256 bit encrypted technology. To top it off, ExpressVPN provides excellent customer support if issues arise. Altogether, Express VPN reviews extremely well and is the best choice for today’s consumer.  Check out ExpressVPN for yourself!

I can’t wait to hear what you think!  Please leave a review or a comment on your experiences with ExpressVPN.  Or, if you have any additional questions feel free to ask!