An uncomfortable mattress is probably one of the principal reasons why one cannot have a good night sleep. Like any furniture that we purchase, a mattress becomes old. As the product ages, the quality deteriorates. In order to get the relaxation that you desire and deserve, you need to buy a new one. This move is not only for assuring that you have a comfortable sleep but also to avoid any negative complications like back pains or disorders.

There is a broad selection of mattresses available on the market today. However, one of the most popular and preferred product is a latex or orthopedic mattress.

In general, this kind of mattress uses a latex core material. You need to know that the core of the mattress is responsible for the spring of the mattress when you sleep on it. It has multiple holes responsible for giving the mattress its soft or hard feeling. Larger holes in the latex core make the mattress softer.

The best products are those that have changing firmness depending on your body needs. For example, a harder feel below your neck and back but softer below the shoulders and feet. Different parts of your body requires a different protection when sleeping so changing the core of the mattress with various types of latex will make this possible.

Most of today’s latex mattress use more than just latex on the top layer. The better models use latex and memory foam. The latter eases tension on your body which the latex cannot do by itself. You always have the option to include memory foam to the top layer of the mattress. However, buying an improved latex mattress with built-in memory foam is the best option.

There are two kinds of latex materials used in manufacturing mattresses. Natural latex is more costly than the synthetic type. However, when it comes to feel and stability, there is no comparison.

Synthetic latex is manufactured using two different methods. The more conventional and extensive process is the Dunlop Method. The second and more complicated process is the Talalay method. The best latex mattress is made from the Talalay method. They have lesser weight and density compared to the latex mattress created from the Dunlop method.

Having a good night sleep is always a priority and lying on a bed that provides comfort and relaxation can provide a solution. A latex mattress is not only comforting but also healthy.

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